The director

Manolo Vázquez

Ever since his early childhood, the director kept in close contact with the world of comic books. Being son of Manuel by Vázquez, cartoonist, author of "Las hermanas Gilda" and Anacleto, among other famous Spanish comic characters, he first wanted to continue the family tradition. He published cartoon comics in several print media for quite some time (the most popular was a strip for the Catalan newspaper Avui for two years).

He started his career in the audiovisual media on television. His most important works at that time were for the demand platform Via Digital, in Channel Buzz, dedicated to documentaries and music videos in the MTV style. It was then that he developed his interest in music videos, a field where he would try to unleash his creativity shortly after leaving television. Among others he has made videoclips for Joe Crepúsculo, Evripides and his tragedies or Chalet Rosa. In 2012 he co-directed with Oscar Aibar the recording of a concert in Madrid of the Spanish rock star Loquillo, published by Warner Music.

His first fiction work was Hanging there, a short film that deals with suicide and death from an amazing perspective. This first short film earned him nominations at festivals around the world and an award at the New York international Film Festival for best international short film.

In 2012 made his first feature film, The Heimlich maneuver, scripted by Javier Calvo (Seix Barral Biblioteca Breve Prize, 2012). The film will premiere at the Malaga Film Festival 2013 and after spending a couple of years competing in festivals theatrical release in 2015 with a great reception from the specialized critics.

Now he is working on his second feature film, A strange world, with a script written by himself and Javier Calvo again.